CBD Market in Japan

CBD in Japan a Highly Promising Market 

An opportunity for Swiss Companies

The CBD market in Japan is very young and still niche, but highly promising.

Young and niche because the first CBD product (a CBD oil) was introduced in Japan in 2016 only, so this is a market in the making.

Highly promising, because the Japan market for natural and functional food, as well as health products is sophisticated, rich and booming. The Japanese are very health conscious. In order to maintain their health, they are keen to consume health-beneficial products. Thanks to their long relationship with traditional herb-based Chinese medicine, Japanese customers are proponents of plant-derived health care, medicine and skincare products.

This means that domestic production cannot expand and grow, even though the demand is there. This creates interesting opportunities for exporters willing to make sure that their products are in line with domestic regulations.

The great potential and demand for CBD products in Japan is confirmed by a yearly growth nearly reaching 100% yoy.

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An overview of the CBD opportunities in Japan : 

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