Food market in Japan

Regulations and opportunities overview

Food Market in Japan

Health and quality conscious consumers

In Japan, individual consumption of foods and beverages is affected by a high degree of health consciousness, product safety, growing health issues related to the adoption of a unbalanced Western diet, long office hours and an aging society where individuals wish to remain in good shape and beautiful as long as possible. An increasing number of one-person households as well as families with two incomes lead to more demand for convenient yet healthy products.

As a result, all domestic and foreign market actors are affected by this social, demographic and economic reality and must adapt their offer and product line-ups accordingly. Every segment of the industry is concerned.

Exporters can refer to the health argument for an effective marketing approach, in particular when using ingredients that are well known to consumers, whether or not a product is allowed to use official health claims. Swiss companies are encouraged to think “outside the box” by understanding better what kind of health properties their products possess, whether it is coffee, chocolate, cereals, fruits, wine or more complex ingredients like collagen or omega-3 fatty acids.

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