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AMMONIA/HYDROGENCost-effective new method for converting and storing solar energy into hydrogenMORE INFO EPFLEPFL
AMMONIA/HYDROGENAn international group of researchers led by the Paul Scherrer Institute and the Heriot-Watt University has carried out in-depth analyses of the climate impact of blue hydrogen. This is produced from natural gas, with the CO2 resulting from the process captured and stored.MORE INFO PSIPSI
BATTERYCost-effective battery manufacturing.MORE INFO ETHETH
BATTERYEnergy Storage and Battery Management.MORE INFO CSEMCSEM
BATTERYPSI's main focus lies in characterization and development of materials, especially for lithimu-ion batteries.MORE INFO PSIPSI
BATTERYPEFCs: PSI is developing a new, non-invasive method as part of a SFOE (Swiss Federal Office of Energy) project. PFCEs= Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells which are central to the use of hydrogen in the mobility sector.MORE INFO PSIPSI
BIOMASSProduce bioethanol and two additional end products: furfural, a much-used industrial compound, and lignin, a solid fuel for biorefinery from agricultural residues.MORE INFO EPFLEPFL
BIOMASSEPFL LRESE: conversion of renewable energies (solar, wind, biomass, hydro and geothermal) into storable fuels, materials and commodities.MORE INFO EPFLEPFL
BIOMASSThe HydroPilot project to produce synthetic biogas.MORE INFO PSIPSI
CCUS/NEXT-GEN THERMALFrom Waste to Products – CO2 capture, use and storage (WtP)MORE INFO EPFLEPFL
CCUS/NEXT-GEN THERMALEPFL Greenhouse models for Carbon storage, use and storageMORE INFO EPFLEPFL
CCUS/NEXT-GEN THERMALCO2 Capture from Atmospheric Air using the CaCO3-CaO cycleMORE INFO ETHETH
CCUS/NEXT-GEN THERMALSynfuel Initiatives (in collaboration with EMPA, SCCER & ETH)MORE INFO PSIPSI
CCUS/NEXT-GEN THERMALUniBS AUG (Applied and Environmental Geology) develops management tools for the thermal utilization of the subsurface to enable sustainable use of underground resources.MORE INFO UNIBSUNIBS
CROSS CUTTINGEPFL energy efficiency research covers a vast number of aspects such as power-to-gaz and cogeneration, building design, industrial separation processes, small scale turbomachinery, or high power electronics.MORE INFO EPFLEPFL
CROSS CUTTINGEnergy Science Center (ESC), Renewable Management and Real Time Control Platform ReMap.MORE INFO ETHETH
CROSS CUTTINGEnergy Science Center (ESC), PATHways to an Efficient Future Energy System through Flexibilita aND SectoR Coupling (PATHFNDR) for renewable energy integration.MORE INFO ETHETH
CROSS CUTTINGDemonstration of the entire process chain to carbon-​neutral fuels.MORE INFO ETHETH
CROSS CUTTINGScalable graphene membrane fabrication for for water purification and gas separation.MORE INFO ETHETH
CROSS CUTTINGApplied research and development of different hydraulic systems of large- and small hydropower plants; production, management, and storage of renewable energies, multi-energy grids.MORE INFO HES-SOHES-SO
ENERGY SAVING BUILDING MATERIALSAdvanced materials for applications and integration of new solutions into next-generation energy-efficient Building conceptsMORE INFO EMPAEMPA
ENERGY SAVING BUILDING MATERIALSSimulation and Analysis of Buildings and Districts Decarbonization of energy supply through on-site (thermal) networksMORE INFO FHZFHZ
GRIDSCCER-FURIES: Power-grid-related innovative solutionsMORE INFO EPFLEPFL
GRIDCSEM can help grid operators and energy providers create new services, improve asset management, and create value from the data they collect by exploiting cutting-edge data science.MORE INFO CSEMCSEM
PHOTOVOLTAICSolar Panels that protect themselves in high temperatures.MORE INFO EPFLEPFL
PHOTOVOLTAICPV-LAB : New processes for the preparation of thin-film silicon.MORE INFO EPFLEPFL
PHOTOVOLTAICMolecular Engineering of Functional Materials for Photovoltaic and Light emitting applications.MORE INFO EPFLEPFL
PHOTOVOLTAICList of Solar Power Research Projects.MORE INFO ETHETH
PHOTOVOLTAICPV and Solar Buildings - Integrated Energy.MORE INFO CSEMCSEM
PHOTOVOLTAICPhotovoltaic systems in the mountains to generate renewable winter electricity and reduce the need for seasonal storage is to operate.MORE INFO ZHAWZHAW
TRANSPORT & LOGISTICSE-Sling: Elektroflugzeug, mit dem der CO2 Ausstoss um 100 % und die Lärmbelastung um 75% reduziert werden soll.MORE INFO ETHETH
TRANSPORT & LOGISTICSScalable digital transportation twins for cities.MORE INFO ETHETH
WINDEPFL WIRE: Better predict turbulent transport of momentum and scalars (e.g., heat, water vapor, pollutants) in environmental flows, with emphasis on the atmospheric boundary layer and wind energy systems.MORE INFO EPFLEPFL
 Technology LAB