Agritech in Japan

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Japan AgriTech

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Japan embraces AgriTech solutions to face deep socio-economical challenges, above all an ageing population that will lead to a labor shortage of 200,000 farmers by 2040.

With a densely populated country with highly fragmented parcels, 80% of the Japanese agri sector is made of SMEs.

The total size of the domestic AgriTech market was 10.42 billon JPY in FY2016, a 7.2% increase over the previous year.

Cultivation and production control solutions have been popular, but sales and operational support, as well as precision farming are also forecast to grow significantly in the coming years.

Major priorities include: addressing the shortage of skilled labor, improving food security and transparency, improving production and management efficiency, as well as mechanizing agriculture, forestry and fisheries. For this, use of AI, IoT, robotics, Big Data, drone, GPS and sensors tech are at the top of the list of interests.

For this purpose, open innovation with domestic and foreign tech companies is welcomed, combining the support of local governments, regional banks and larger, established corporate partners.

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An overview of the AgriTech opportunities in Japan : 

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