Swiss Pavilion at the 2024 Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo

28 February - 1 March 2024

Swiss Pavilion Exhibitors at the World Smart Energy Week in Tokyo

The Embassy in Switzerland in Japan and Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), with support of the General Consulate of Switzerland in Osaka, Swissnex, are organizing a booth to present cutting-edge Swiss hydrogen and ammonia technology at the World Smart Energy Week/ Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo at Tokyo Big Sight on February 28 to March 01, 2024 (West Hall, Booth no. 6-18).

In recent years, as governments around the world have been forced to respond to climate change, hydrogen has attracted attention as an important part of the solution, and is positioned as one of the priority areas in Japan’s Green Growth Strategy.

Switzerland is an innovation hub, which brings together companies and scientists that develop know-how and new technologies in the hydrogen industry, and strives to create a green hydrogen ecosystem in the mobility sector to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. The Swiss pavilion is showcasing the innovative offerings for hydrogen/ammonia production and applications from Swiss companies and start-ups, accompanied by the presence of the Swiss industry association CleantechAlps as well as Swissnex.

Looking for :

Beyond Scroll, a deep-tech startup based in Lausanne, is on a mission to revolutionize compression technology and pave the way for a sustainable future. Specializing in oil-free scroll compressors that leverage our patented technology, we address the challenges of low-pressure hydrogen compression (1 to 30 bar). Our compressors are a critical component in the green hydrogen supply chain, essential for enhancing the efficiency and affordability of green hydrogen production via electrolysers. By reducing their operating pressure, our technology can decrease electrolysers' CAPEX by up to 25%. Our hermetically sealed, 100% oil-free scroll compressors are designed in a variety of sizes, tailored to meet the unique pressure and capacity requirements of each customer.

• Prospective customers: This includes EPC companies, gas TSOs, renewable energy producers, and others in need of low-pressure hydrogen compression solutions.

• Strategic partnerships in the hydrogen value chain: We are interested in collaborating with manufacturers of electrolysers (e.g., SOEC, which can only operate at low-pressure and requires compression solutions at 1 bar) and providers of mid-stream solutions involved in the transportation, distribution, and storage of hydrogen. Our goal is to leverage these partnerships to facilitate our entry into the Japanese market.

• Suppliers in Asia: We are looking for reliable suppliers of standard mechanical components and/or raw materials within the Asian market.


Faster, smaller, lighter and more efficient: The Swiss high-tech company Celeroton AG is the leading manufacturer of ultra-high-speed turbo compressors and electrical drive systems for fuel cell applications. Celeroton’s oil-free turbo compressors provide air supply and hydrogen recirculation solutions with the highest energy efficiency at the lowest volume and weight thanks to its cutting-edge gas bearings, motors and converters. With all system expertise under one roof, Celeroton connects the different interdisciplinary technology areas to create one functioning and optimized overall system.

On the exhibition, Celeroton is looking for business opportunities mainly in the fuel cell industries:

  • OEM, on road
  • Passenger cars
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Mid and heavy duty commercial vehicles
  • OEM, off road
  • Industrial trucks
  • Material handling / Forklifters
  • Mining and construction equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Stationary equipment
  • Tier1 / Tier2 for above mentioned applications
  • Wholesaler / distributors
  • Engineering and development companies

CleantechAlps, created on the initiative of the cantons of western Switzerland, is the force driving regional and national activities to promote the development of the cleantech sector in Switzerland.

It fosters cooperation between the country’s economy and academic and public sectors and gives stakeholders greater visibility, providing them with access to networks. As a technology generalist

and a specialist in cleantech innovation systems, CleantechAlps can put you in touch with the most appropriate contact for your needs.


GF is a Swiss-based leading provider of machine tools for precision components and mold-making in automotive, energy, aerospace, medical and ICT market segments. The broad portfolio ranges from conventional milling and EDM to advanced manufacturing such as laser texturing, laser mi-cromachining, and 3DPrinting. Additionally, we offer spindles, automation, tooling, and digitalized solutions backed by unrivaled customer services and support. Our products and services enable customers to achieve precise, energy-efficient, and clean manufacturing.

Bipolar plates are the most important component in a fuel cell. Since hundreds of such plates are stacked and packed into the cell, the accuracy of each plate has a large impact on the overall effi-ciency, and the cost of each plate significantly impacts the cost of the fuel cell.

We invite you to witness such a bipolar plate and the precision machined surfaces of the mold and die used to produce it.

Looking for companies involved in:
・R&D, Design and Manufacturing of Hydrogen Fuel Cell bipolar plates
・manufacturing and automobiles and components
・manufacturing and sales of high-pressure gas
・design and manufacturing of heat exchangers
・high precision machining and processing of special materials


Imerys Graphite & Carbon is part of the Imerys Group, a world leader in manufacturing industrial mineral solutions.  

Carbon materials manufactured at manufacturing sites in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and Japan continue to lead innovation in the lithium-ion battery, fuel cell, and alkaline battery markets.

Our primary synthetic graphite powders and conductive carbon blacks are designed for the lithium-ion battery and fuel cell markets and are used as conductive additives for cathodes and fuel cell components. The carbon material whose interface is controlled by our unique manufacturing process can be used after adjusting the grade to suit your unique requirements.

Fuel cell manufacturers

Fuel cell component manufacturers (bipolar plate, GDL, catalyst carrier)


KELLER is the world leading manufacturer of electronic pressure sensing instruments on piezo-resistive technology basis.

We are the specialist and experienced advisor for your specific application case.

For the challenging pressure medium Hydrogen, we have fit-for-purpose solutions for a sustainable investment.

Talk to us and learn how to make pressure work for you, or how to minimise your manufacturing cost, or just to transform from analogue to digital processing.

We are looking for…

        System integrators

        Energy control systems engineers

        Mobility designers

        Full solution providers


Neology Hydrogen is developing a compact and energy-efficient ammonia to hydrogen generation system, that cracks ammonia into pure hydrogen, allowing clients to fully embrace hydrogen as clean and affordable energy carrier.
The proposed zero-emission solution can be implemented in stationary and mobile applications, such as to supply hydrogen as feedstock to industries, refueling stations or combined with a fuel-cell or combustion engine to generate power in off-grid applications, up to mounting it directly on-board of large vehicles such as heavy-duty trucks, trains and vessels.
By leveraging the benefits of ammonia as a carbon-free, energy-dense liquid, and easy-to-handle hydrogen energy carrier, combined with our AHGS solution, Neology Hydrogen solves the challenges of hydrogen storage and distribution.

- Hydrogen consumers, as feedstock for industries (metallurgic manufacturing, electronics, chemical and pharmaceuticals)
- Ammonia supply chain actors (producer, distributor, importer, trader)
- Prototype and small-series manufacturing and supplier companies
- Heavy-duty transportation (trucks, train and vessels) and logistics companies
- Investors, VCs, CVCs, private equities


Established in 1897, Sécheron SA is renowned in electrification and power conversion domains. World known for its innovative railway products, Sécheron also offers a wide portfolio of Power Conversion products, including AC/DC, DC/DC and AC/AC converters.

Sécheron is particularly active in the Green Hydrogen domain, providing complete Power Supply units that include Transformers and Controlled Rectifiers. Our state-of-the-art Power Conversion products feature IGBT Active Front End and Diode Front End converters, enabling highly efficient power supply for various types of Electrolysers.

- Green Steel manufacturers (Steel making using Green Hydrogen)

- Electrolyser manufacturers

- Green Hydrogen producers

- EPC companies looking into Green Hydrogen projects

- Companies active in electrification domains for Rail and Mining


As experts in the manufacture of solenoid valves, we have relied on close partnerships for over 60 years and are constantly researching new solutions to meet the requirements of dynamic markets such as hydrogen refueling and storage.
Technical superiority, sustainability, durability and sophisticated aftermarket support are very important to us. Customers around the world rely on Seitz products for mission-critical applications.

• Manufacturers of H2 refueling stations and storage solutions
• Operators of H2 refueling stations and storage solutions
• Companies that carry out repairs and maintenance on H2 refueling stations and storage facilities
• Engineering companies that plan and develop new H2 systems
• R&D companies
• All interested parties looking for a compact solution for high-pressure H2 applications with solenoid valves


Founded in 1939, Studer Cables AG is a Swiss solutions provider of secure and high-quality energy and data transmission systems. The range includes cables for the energy and infrastructure sector, industrial cables, cables for rail vehicles and airport infrastructure, as well as e-mobility and related services. Significant expertise also exists in cross-linking through electron beams. The products and services of Studer Cables AG make a substantial contribution to human and environmental safety, the enhancement of energy efficiency, and the improvement of sustainability.

• Manufacturers of H2 refueling stations and storage solutions
• Manufacturers of Battery chargers,
• Manufacturers of AC/DC-inverters
• Manufacturers of UPS-systems
• Manufacturers of Communication systems
• Manufacturers of Distribution Boards, Panels and Cubicle
• Manufacturers of vehicles (train, truck, bus, vessel and mining)
• Renewable Energy Consultants
• System integrators and Main contractors
• Design and Control systems engineering companies
• Authorities and Associations related to public safety and protection


We connect Switzerland, Japan, and the world in arts, science, education, and innovation. Explore Swiss solutions and expertise, forge collaborations, and unlock new opportunities with our network of partners and programs.


  • Seeking new technologies or partners for research & development.
  • Developing innovative solutions in areas like sustainability, digitalization, or healthcare.

Researchers & institutions:

  • Collaborating on joint research projects and exchanging knowledge.
  • Partnering for technology transfer and commercialization.
  • Engaging in international research programs and networks.

Entrepreneurs & startups:

  • Looking for incubation, acceleration, or investment opportunities.
  • Seeking mentorship and connections to industry leaders.
  • Developing impactful solutions with global potential.

Trafag is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality sensors and monitoring devices for pressure, temperature and SF6 gas density. Trafag was founded in 1942 and is based in Switzerland. The company has an extensive distribution and service network in over 40 countries worldwide. High-performance development and production departments not only guarantee the fast and reliable delivery of our high-quality and high-precision products, but also ensure that customisations can be implemented in no time at all.

- Manufacturers of Electrolysers, H2 compressors, H2 storage tanks, H2 pipelines, H2 fuelling stations, H2 engines, Fuel cells, various FCV, Marine FC, etc.
- OEM system integrators
- Research sites, Japanese Associations related to H2 standardisation
- Distribution partners all over Japan


Zeochem is a premier global manufacturer of high-quality molecular sieves used in PSA hydrogen purification. With our roots in Switzerland, we have a culture of quality and customer service. As such, Zeochem provides excellent, responsive service, high-quality products, and the expertise to help you find the product and service solutions for your hydrogen purification needs. With manufacturing facilities in Louisville, KY, USA and Donghai, China, Zeochem offers a range of high-performance products and global support for you to choose from.

1. Hydrogen generator producers

2. Equipment manufacturers

3. PSA hydrogen equipment suppliers

4. Refinery operators

5. Petrochemical operators

6. Renewal energy researchers

7. Sustainable energy leaders

Looking for :


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