Hydrogen in Japan (updated)

A booming market

Japan the new Hydrogen nation

An opportunity for Swiss Companies

Japan was the first country to adopt a “Basic Hydrogen Strategy” as early as 2017.

This strategy primarily aims to achieve cost parity with competing fuels such as gasoline in the transportation sector or liquefied natural gas (LNG) in power generation and covers the entire supply chain from production to downstream market applications.

The nationwide hydrogen market is expected to grow 56-fold to JPY 408.5 billion by 2030, (CHF 3.6 billions) providing exciting business opportunities.
Read our detailed market report on the Japanese hydrogen market here.

We further created a detailed factsheet that summarizes the industry as a whole and outlines the various opportunities for Swiss companies. You may download the file below or here.

By entering the market early, Swiss producers in this sector, in particular manufacturers of components for hydrogen fueling stations, could secure the advantage of getting in touch with Japanese companies before the supply chains in this sector become fully established.

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An overview of the Hydrogen opportunities in Japan : 

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