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Opportunities in Mass Trans Innovation sector

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Company Name ENAlpha Elektrotechnik Ltd.
Company Name JPAlpha Elektrotechnik Ltd.
Swiss Company AddressSchlossstrasse 13
Nidau 2560
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Phone HQ+41 (0)32 332 87 00
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Electrical Engineering / Cable terminations, car to car connections (quick couplings and jumpers), post insulators, EGT 75

Company Description

Alpha Elektrotechnik Ltd.

Established over 80 years ago in Nidau, Switzerland, ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG is a company steeped in tradition. Starting out in the power transmission business selling disconnectors for medium- and high-voltage networks, ALPHA also has a separate business unit – “cable solutions”

for the transfer of energy in medium voltage systems of modern railways.

First-class engineering ensures continuous further development and guarantees that end products are of a high quality. An extremely efficient supply chain gives us a high level of flexibility, thereby enabling us to take on projects of various sizes. The international references we have received are an impressive indicator for the quality of our products and services.

The power transmission technology on high-speed trains functions reliably and ensures that trains operate safely. The reliability of our products and the fact that they are guaranteed to function for a number of years are major indicators of quality. In addition we guarantee an outstanding level of service provided with the products, as well as on-site installation of technology and training sessions.

The company is located right in the center of the Swiss watch industry. The area is well-known for its exceptional expertise in precision mechanics and its skilled workers. ALPHA employs a number of staff who have been at the company for many years, bringing with them a high degree of expertise and excellent manufacturing skills.

In 2015, ALPHA became a member of the PFIFFNER Group (headquarted in Hirschthal, Switzerland) to preserve the continuity of the company. ALPHA is supplementing the core business in the field of instrument transformers. With the bushings produced by MGC Moser- Glaser Ltd. and the powerful market position of the international subsidiaries, the PFIFFNER Group with ALPHA, offers a very broad range of products for customers and distribution partners for the transfer of energy in networks of all voltage types.

TRACTION – connection systems

Durable and reliable in service

In 1999, ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG started to develop and produce medium-voltage assemblies for railways (traction) from 3 kV to 25 kV. Thanks to its high level of quality and flexibility, ALPHA has an important number of international references in the railway sector.

The heart of the transmission process is the partially insulated or fully insulated pluggable jumper. Jumpers are car2car connections to ensure the distribution of energy between rail cars, particularly on commuter trains and high-speed trains. ALPHA masters one of the principal difficulties, which consists in reconciling flexibility and resistance in order to make it possible that the cable supports millions of torsion movements, resonance extreme climatic conditions.

We guarantee a high quality standard on a long life time of the cable documented with different internal tests. In addition we offer different services as customer specific engineering, installation and training on site, repair work etc.

We manufacture both ends of the cable according to the customer’s requirements. In line with the concept of providing tailored solutions, we offer a range of cable cross sections regardless of the chosen type of cable termination or connector. All products meet the relevant railway standards and the applicable fire protection standard DIN EN 45545-2.

One type of train, one solution

For Alpha Elektrotechnik, the flexibility concept is also expressed in a capacity to find solutions specific to each type of train:

  • High-speed: ETR 460, ETR 470, ETR 480, ETR 500, ETR 600, ETR 610, ETR 1000 Zefiro, ICE1, ICE2, ICE 3, Bombardier Talgo Siemens ICE 350, ICN, Pendoluso, Talgo, CRH 1-380, Twindexx, ...
  • EMU trains: Alstom Coradia, XCC, CP2000, Alstom Coradia Nordic, Siemens Desiro RUS, Nina, RBDE 442, …
  • Locomotives: freight trains (China), locomotives OSE E and EP10E, multi-current locomotive New Jersey, double locomotive Kiruna, Kz 8, Kz 4, EP 20, Ee 922, Eem, 923, ALP45, SBB EHFZ, Alstom TGV Maroc, ...
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Other Opportunities

Peppe Asia & Pacific LLC

Swiss ginger liquor looking for distributor in Japan

Peppe Asia & Pacific LLC is a Swiss Export company that specialises in establishing high – quality premium beverage brands in foreign markets, namely in Asia and Pacific.

Their product Ingwerer, a handmade ginger Liquor, has attracted demand in Japan. They are now looking for a Japanese partner to distribute Ingwerer to their end customers, mainly bars and restaurants.

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