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Various Swiss companies are looking for opportunities to enter the Japanese market or extend their presence. Similarly, Japanese companies are looking for Swiss suppliers.  We receive also various queries and information from Japanese companies looking for a partnership in Switzerland. Take advantage of this matchmaking portal.

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Opportunities in Mass Trans Innovation sector

Exhibitors at MTIJ 2019

Company Name ENAmberg Technologies AG
Company Name JPAmberg Technologies AG
Swiss Company AddressTrockenloostrasse 21
Regensdorf 8105
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Phone HQ+41 44 870 92 70
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Railway surveying solutions,
Track geometry
Track geo-monitoring

Address JP3-32-8 Hamacho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-Ku
Nepro Co., LTD
Tokyo 103-0007
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Contact person in JPKazufumi Suzuki
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Company Description

Amberg Rail offers innovative railway surveying solutions, which accelerate the surveying process and deliver the high-quality data required for the different fields of application. The Amberg Rail solution allows the measurements at a regular interval prior to the actual maintenance work and even in real-time during the construction process.

Slab track construction tasks, maintenance of track using the tamping machine or the assessment of new rolling stock regarding clearance can be performed effortlessly and with significantly less down time. Up to five kilometres of track per hour can be surveyed thanks to the use of dynamic surveying methods.

Amberg IMS systems: The flexible, top-of-the-line surveying solution for railway infrastructure

Railway operators need correct track geometry and information on the position of objects in the track area in order to operate their networks safely and economically. Track construction, track maintenance and clearance control in infrastructure management are therefore crucial factors in ensuring the longevity of rolling stock. Amberg's inertial measurement systems are bestsellers in the Amberg portfolio. They significantly reduce maintenance costs and accelerate surveying processes.

The Amberg IMS product family provides reliable and highly accurate information on track geometry and near-track objects and is used by railway professionals around the world. The latest version of the software Amberg Rail allows users even more flexibility in the configuration and digital linking of the individual Amberg system solutions for railway infrastructure surveying.

The software is the core of the further development of the IMS systems at Amberg. With the second generation of Inertial Measuring Units (IMU) that can be used on the systems, the sensor technology has also been optimized further. In order to improve the handling of the system, the weight of the new IMU has been almost halved. User requirements are becoming more and more diverse, which is why Amberg offers the new models in different accuracy classes. This results in high cost efficiency and a wide range of applications.

On the one hand, surveying work on high-speed lines, with travel speeds of up to 400 km/h, which requires the highest absolute and relative accuracy. On the other hand, work on classical railway lines and metro connections, which often only have limited track access times, making fast and efficient surveying necessary. With the flexible GRP trolleys, the Amberg IMS system is quickly put on track and quickly removed for this type of projects.

In the case of industrial and secondary railways, the budgets for regular track maintenance are often very modest. Accuracy is also not the key factor due to the lower speeds. It is important for the operators to achieve a sufficient track quality at the best possible price-performance ratio, which can be best achieved with the different accuracy classes of the Amberg IMUs.

The development of the Amberg IMU technology already started in 2012. After the introduction of the first Amberg IMS systems in 2014, many developments took place and the application areas grew steadily. Today, more than 150 users worldwide use these reliable systems. A simple and cost-effective IMU model will be published in 2019.

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Opportunities in the  IoT, VR/AR, robotics, sportstech, fintech, and drones sector

Exhibitors at CEATEC 2019

Other Opportunities

Peppe Asia & Pacific LLC

Swiss ginger liquor looking for distributor in Japan

Peppe Asia & Pacific LLC is a Swiss Export company that specialises in establishing high – quality premium beverage brands in foreign markets, namely in Asia and Pacific.

Their product Ingwerer, a handmade ginger Liquor, has attracted demand in Japan. They are now looking for a Japanese partner to distribute Ingwerer to their end customers, mainly bars and restaurants.

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