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Various Swiss companies are looking for opportunities to enter the Japanese market or extend their presence. Similarly, Japanese companies are looking for Swiss suppliers.  We receive also various queries and information from Japanese companies looking for a partnership in Switzerland. Take advantage of this matchmaking portal.

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Opportunities in Mass Trans Innovation sector

Exhibitors at MTIJ 2019

Company Name ENMATISA Matériel Industriel SA
Company Name JPマティサジャパン株式会社
Swiss Company AddressRue de l'Arc-en-Ciel 2
Crissier 1023
Map It
Phone HQ+41 21 631 21 11
Email HQEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

Railtrack construction and maintenance machines, such as :

Plain line and Universal tamping machine
Ballast regulators
Ballast cleaner
Continuous track renewal train
Continuous track construction train
Track inspection vehicles
Switch Transport wagon

Address JP東京都文京区小石川2-12-8
マティサジャパン株式会社 〒112-0002
Map It
Phone JP03-6801-8971
Company Description

1945 a major turning point in the history of railways... the creation of MATISA and the appearance of automated track maintenance. Ever since it was established in 1945, MATISA has been a major player in the railway world. Its founder, Mr Constantin Sfezzo, was a passionate man and a true entrepreneur.

He was able to communicate his passion and inspire his team of trailblazers to develop the first tamping machine, «the standard». MATISA created the machines at the source of the mechanization of railway maintenance. Even though MATISA now boasts a long experience, it has retained its pioneering spirit, and its passion for innovation and research.

The range of our machines covers:

  • Tamping, levelling and lining
  • Ballast regulators
  • Ballast cleaning, compacting and regulating
  • Continuous track renewal and rehabilitation
  • Track geometry measurements and analysis

There are practically no railway tracks that have not seen machines bearing the now generic name of MATISA.

MATISA engineers and technicians have a deep knowledge of all track problems, including extreme conditions like those in tropical countries. They daily contribute to find economic and up to date solutions to these problems.

The headquarters are located in Switzerland and it is at this site that the different types of machines are designed and manufactured. In order to be actively represented on the world stage, MATISA has 8 subsidiaries located in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil and Australia. All employees are working actively to provide a valuable customer service, after sales service and the regular maintenance of vehicles.

Dedicated products for the Japanese market

As the pioneer in this area, MATISA is also looking for solutions because not only we feel it is our responsibility, but because we also want to answer the various markets’ needs. With Japan in mind but also applicable to markets with narrow gauges, limit of axle load and car clearance, looking for machines with personalized equipment, MATISA has developed a range of tampers dedicated for the Japanese market, namely the B56C for the line and the B45 UE5G for the switch tamping.

Moreover, the range of measuring car such as M10S and M100 O+US have been also adapted to the Japanese customer requirements.

These new machines embark all the newest technologies and all the requirements that the Japanese market needs.

Tamping machine and measuring car

These types of machine are the flagship products in Japan and have been upgraded with the last technologies such as SRT (track components recognition system), MATISA Data Services (Industry 4.0 Data management) for the tamping machine.

For the measuring car, the modular measuring MASER system which can include optical measuring for geometry, rail profile and corrugation, but also ultrasonic measuring and an onboard real-time analyzer.

B56C/B45 UE5G have been specially designed for the line & switch tamping each in the Japan market specific condition. The machine has been fitted with the well-known C tamping unit type which are used on more than 90% worldwide MATISA machines. To be able to work in a narrow gauge in any track condition, the C tamping unit tools have been adapted to 12 tools while keeping the same tamping capacity as has already been done in Switzerland metric tracks.

Comparing to previous model, the B56C/B45 UE5G got numbers of improvement such as:

  • Length reduction
  • Water / Diesel tank capacity increased
  • Soundproof panel noise reduction
  • Continuous tamping traction capacity (B56C)
  • First machine in Japan with tamping operated by joysticks.
  • Measuring system totally digitalized
  • Emergency traction device with sub-engine (B45 UE5G)
  • Optical measuring base 2nd generation with blue LED
  • Diesel engine Stage 4 for environment preservation and operator health care
  • Double clamp with 100mm displacement for section with obstacles (B56C)
  • Excellent and operator friendly Self-diagnosis function


MATISA has a long experience in Japan for measuring car, which some of them are still in operation after more than 30 years.

All measuring car are using the 3 points measuring principle which allow a high precision at any speed and in any condition. Since couple of year, MATISA can provide an optical measuring system which can replace mechanical trolley with the benefit of less maintenance, non-degradation of the measured rail and with compact dimension. The optical principle has been also transferred to the rail profile and corrugation measuring.
All these measuring devices are linked to the core system real timed MART and stored to a server MASER which collect data at raw level and provide information through a multilingual user interface.

MATISA Services

In addition, MATISA has developed in Brazil the last 3 years, a rental solution of tamping machine. We began to propose B45 UE for periods as short as one month. This is a particularly attractive solution for smaller contractors which do not want to spend large amounts of money, and other contractors that, on top of their current fleet can still take on some additional short-term projects whilst keeping their cash flow available.

MATISA also proposes service contracts which can cover a time base or condition base inspection, maintenance and training.

Opportunities in the  IoT, VR/AR, robotics, sportstech, fintech, and drones sector

Exhibitors at CEATEC 2019

Other Opportunities

Peppe Asia & Pacific LLC

Swiss ginger liquor looking for distributor in Japan

Peppe Asia & Pacific LLC is a Swiss Export company that specialises in establishing high – quality premium beverage brands in foreign markets, namely in Asia and Pacific.

Their product Ingwerer, a handmade ginger Liquor, has attracted demand in Japan. They are now looking for a Japanese partner to distribute Ingwerer to their end customers, mainly bars and restaurants.

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