Swiss Pavilion at the Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo

15-17 March 2023

Swiss Pavilion Exhibitors at the World Smart Energy Week in Tokyo

The Swiss Business Hub, Embassy of Switzerland, is organizing a Swiss Pavilion at the “FC EXPO” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight during the World Smart Energy Week from March 15 (Wednesday) to 17 (Friday), 2023. The pavilion is located in East Hall 1, booth no. 7-6.

In recent years, as governments around the world have been forced to respond to climate change, hydrogen has attracted attention as an important part of the solution, and is positioned as one of the priority areas in Japan’s Green Growth Strategy.

Switzerland is an innovation hub, which brings together companies and scientists that develop know-how and new technologies in the hydrogen industry, and strives to create a green hydrogen ecosystem in the mobility sector to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. The Swiss pavilion is showcasing the innovative technologies of the following companies and start-ups:



Looking for :

ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. Committed to driving innovations that accelerate industrial transformation, ABB offers high performance DC power supply solutions for superior water electrolysis.

- Distributors working closely in the Renewable Energy industry, especially Hydrogen supply chain.
- Hydrogen station builders / operators
- Companies managing H2 supply chain
- Companies working in the distribution of clean electricity produced from Hydrogen fuel cells


BRUSA HyPower specialises in electrical energy converter systems such as DC/DC (direct current) converters and on-board charging systems. The company is a leading supplier of power electronics for e-mobility applications since 1985 and headquartered in Switzerland. With locations in Switzerland, Germany, China and the USA, BRUSA HyPower supplies its international customers with power electronics products for on-highway, off-highway and stationary applications.

Japanese OEM and suppliers of mobile and stationary fuel cell applications; focus is on the Heavy and Duty Truck segment.


EH Group’s unique fuel cell technology offers unrivalled power density, and a cost effective solution for decarbonizing heavy duty mobility and large stationary applications.

We are primarily looking for clients – i.e Japanese engineering, energy groups or OEMs who want to integrate our fuel cell products into their offering.


GF Piping Systems is a leading flow solutions provider for the safe and sustainable transport of fluids. The company offers innovative and cost-efficient solutions for electrolyzer manufacturers (AEC or PEMEC) to support the production of green hydrogen.

Hydrogen Equipment Manufacturers


As a specialized fuel cell system provider, GreenGT address niche applications with a fuel cell system, the NGT, targeting high technological added value vehicles. The company offers engineering services from initial components identification and selection, leveraging in house design, simulation and test capabilities.

We would like to get in touch with companies that develop high-performance vehicles in the fields of sports cars, powerboats, motor racing, light aircraft, etc.


Neology is developing an on-vehicle ammonia cracking technology that cracks ammonia into hydrogen, allowing commercial transportation to fully embrace hydrogen energy and fuel-cell systems. This enables zero-emission vehicles by leveraging the benefits of ammonia as a carbon-free, liquid, and easy-to-handle hydrogen energy carrier (energy vector), solving hydrogen storage and distribution challenges.

The same technology can also be applied in stationary applications, allowing for compact and decentralized hydrogen supply to hydrogen refuelling stations, manufacturing industries, and power generation.

- Hydrogen consumers and refueling station companies
- Ammonia supply chain actors (producer, distributor, importer, trader)
- Manufacturing and supplier companies to mass produce our technology
- Toyota and its group companies from the automotive industry
- Vehicle prototyping company as future development partner
- Investors: Japanese investors, VCs, CVCs, private equities


Since our founding in 1958, Seitz solenoid valves have stood for absolute reliability, durability, serviceability, leak-tightness and safety for a wide range of mission-critical applications from hydrogen to nuclear power and from food processing to marine applications. Our certified high-pressure valves are the preferred choice of users and OEMs around the world.

We are looking for contacts to companies like original equipment manufacturers, operators, end-users and engineering companies which are active in the field of hydrogen refueling stations, storage and distribution, as well as design and layout of components and systems. We are also open for a distribution partnership with well-connected companies in the above mentioned disciplines.


Sensors for pressure, hydrogen compatible material, temperature and gas density is what Trafag stands for. Decades of experience and our clear focus allow us to constantly improve quality and performance of our products and processes.

Distributors all over Japan for H2-Pressure-Sensors, end users and OEM who develop H2 fuelling stations, Hydrogen compressors, Fuel cells, Vehicles with H2 drive, Fuel cells for Marine Usage, Hydrogen tanks, Electrolysers, H2 trains, H2 aircrafts, H2 vessels


Almatech is developing the hydrogen-powered, zero-emission high-speed hydrofoil vessel ZESST, which will enable a decarbonized revolution in maritime transport.

Hydrogen Infrastructure Construction, Hydrogen Supply, Hydrogen FC, Investors( VC, CVC, Bank etc), Public transportation, Port and Harbor Authority, Smart city Authority, Passenger ship operation.

Looking for :


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